Monday, June 29, 2015 poem

I write love poems
I think all of them are 
Just love letters to each other 
I'm going to keep writing them 
I'm going to fill the air with them
I'm going to fill my life with them
Love letters to each other
We get to love a few other souls
In this time that we are here
Before we move to the unknown
We get to learn how to love ourselves
Learn how to love each other
Stand up straight and tall 
And see what 
Truly are
And that is something 
That should not be left 
To sit in silence
All we want to do is talk to each other
Hear each other
In as many different languages 
as we can learn
So I will not be sheepish
About how many love poems 
I write
I will write them everyday 
Different ones
The same ones
and again
So that those whom I love
Can be sure
To hear me
I will endure the eyerolling
And sarcastic smiles
The self conscious discomfort 
Because I will not end my time here
Without being sure
That those whom I love
Can hear me
And I will repeat myself
Without tire 
Without regret
Lest they forget
I will always remind them
By writing poems
Love poems
Love letters to each other
That will eventually  
Without a doubt
Pass through my lips
And my eyes
And my fingertips
Because all we have to do 
To love each other
is talk 
To each other
Really well
No detail spared
As long as it takes
As gently as you can imagine
For we are only here for a little while
We get to love a few other souls
In this time that we are here
For just a little while
So here is another poem
Another love poem 
Just another love letter
That I wrote
For you

Sunday, June 28, 2015

etching ink on acetate

Brand New

She always feels brand new
A puzzle I want to solve 
and again
I want to get it right
crack the code
find the combination
But then 
every night
I want her to change it
every day
I want to do it all over 

I show her my insecurities 
my eccentricities 
the holes in my heart
One by one
layer after layer
deeper than I have ever been 
brave enough to go
And somehow 
she still sees the good
and I know that I am good
But through the details
of conversations
mutual navigation 
the smallest interactions
she helps me see
exactly how
I can be

And still I want
I will always want her
It is the 
most powerful force
that I have ever felt 
in my short life 
thus far 
It pushes up inside me
out through every limb
Every fingertip
Every goosebump
Every breath
A feeling that I love
almost more than anything
It is the creative force
It is what drives me
it is an experience 
that is not to be driven
is not driven 
it is ridden 
You must let the present 
take the wheel
Sit in the passenger seat
beside it
Stand in it
Lay entwined with it
For driving is dangerous
It is a task 
a job 
an accomplishment
If I am too focused 
on the road ahead
like a good driver should be
then I speed past 
what brought me to this space 
in the first place
The way time slowed down
almost stood still
when I looked into her eyes
The way I could feel the air 
all around me 
when I sat next to her
The way my ears warmed 
from the sweet vibrations 
of her voice
The way my mind 
was finally soft 
with my heart 
The involuntary reaction 
to be tender with her 
was so strong 
that it overtook 
That strongest gentle
it is the 
most powerful force
I have ever felt
and it always remains
underneath all the rest
It makes me slow down
exactly as I need to
Fast is the part of me 
that I don't want to be
I want to bask in my slow motion
A movement I am reminded of
every time I swim
in her deep ocean
With every crashing wave
that washes over me
so completely 
she makes me feel
like I am 
brand new

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nothing to make up for

There is no woman 
who walks this earth
that needs to wear makeup 
There is no skin that is flawed
No feature out of place
Shape and contour
are never less than 
only full of grace
A woman is   the   most   magnificent 
of all that is created
Stress and pain 
may sometimes 
be injected
into the surface of the skin
but even then 
kinetic energy 
gives way
in the end
to the softness that remains
The tender heart
that always lives underneath
The open arms 
ready to enfold yours
Gentle eyes wait
on the inside
The open soul
holds the power
of ocean waves
The weight of the world 
will wear anyone away
but it is the change
the journey brings
that pulls the loveliness
out within each she
The strength of a jaw
next to the wisp of an eyelash
The soft of a cheek
turning into twisting tendons 
that run down a long neck
The circle of hair
playing peekaboo 
with the golden spiral of ears
Silent endless depths 
about which 
pupils speak
The waltzing circles 
that each pair of lips
glides through 
with involuntary choreography 
How shameful it is
What a crime is committed 
when the truth of beauty is distorted 
by the thought that
ANY of it
should ever need 
To be covered
Not seen
in the clearest daylight
in its fullness 
its authenticity
its priceless nakedness 
and details of the life being lived
Sorrow wells up at the thought 
of not knowing by heart 
where all of the skin spots have grown 
over the years 
and exactly how the smile lines 
connect with the crows feet 
when my absolutely, stunningly, gorgeous grandmother
sees me 
and tells me




that I am beautiful

I wish for every woman
to know
that joy
I wish for every woman
to feel
that love
Maybe then
Every woman would know
that there is 
they need to make up for